Youth Member Programs

Beach Activites

Club Aqua's approach to water/beach activities is a well-rounded appreciation of everything the oceans and San Diego Beach Communities have to offer. We also teach our members important lessons through a variety of activities, including marine biology labs, balance activities, beach games, and much more.


Club Aqua’s skate program offers a private venue with experienced coaches that will teach participants basic skills of skateboarding in a park, including skatepark etiquette, how to safely fall, and steps needed in order to drop in on a ramp. This activity is welcome to all skill levels.

Plunge Pool

The Plunge swimming pool is the largest heated indoor pool in Southern California. Students will have the chance to take advantage of the state of the art inflatable obstacle course, develop their swim skills and enjoy fun water games with their peers. The pool is staffed with lifeguards, and coaches will be in the water as well.

Belmont Park

Participants will be able to use the rides at Belmont Park in groups that encourage students to overcome fears and experience new things. Each group will try something new in the park each day, and by the end of the week will have been on most, If not all rides and attractions within Belmont.


Week Long Session: 

Monday - Friday  9:00am- 3:00pm

Sessions available June 21, 2020 through August 9, 2021                


An annual enrollment fee of $100 is required at the time of registration and may be renewed every 12 months. The annual fee includes a rash guard and an unlimited annual pass to Belmont Amusement Park which will be used throughout the Club Aqua experience and can be used through out the remainder of the calendar year.




Club Aqua at Belmont Park prides itself in being a one-of-a-kind program that offers a combination of skateboarding, iconic beach activities, swimming, and using the rides and attractions at an amusement park. Members will rotate through each program area twice throughout the week. Programming begins at 9:00am on the beach next to Belmont Park where all members will have a place to store their belongings.

Every Monday is our orientation day, members will be assigned to a group that they will have the same members throughout the entire week. Each group will have time to become acquainted with their coaches and peers through icebreakers and name games. At 10:00am, groups will disburse and spend time in each program area where they will learn the rules of each station, how to use equipment, and have a chance to set goals for the week.

Tuesday through Fridays, members will start off the day at 9:00am with a group meeting that discusses the previous day and what is to come. At 10:00, groups will head into their first of eight rotations until lunch at 12:00. After lunch each day, each group fall into their second rotation until pickup.